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Withdraw your Query

Once you submit a query, you will not be able to delete it. Rather, you will need to withdraw it.

To withdraw a query:

  • Navigate to the Requestor Dashboard
  • Click on any of the workflow status names to obtain a list of all your queries or scroll down to the detailed list and select the query you want to withdraw to go to the query details screen and scroll to the bottom of the screen where the action buttons are
  • Click the Withdraw Query button and confirm the action

The Operator will receive a notification that you have withdrawn your query and no further action will be taken on it.

Be careful
If you are looking at a list of all your queries and wish to withdraw a query from that list, make sure that the query is not in Draft status before you click the trash can icon. If you click the icon alongside a query with that status, you will delete that query. That action cannot be undone.

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