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Query Status: Waiting for user input

If an Operator or Reviewer requires you to provide more information on your query, they may create “Additional Actions” that you will need to address before work on the query can continue.

You can see all Additional Actions related to the query by navigating to the Additional Actions tab on the query sub-menu.

Check for additional actions

When an action is assigned to you, you will receive an email and a task informing you of the action. The Additional Actions tab on the query sub-menu will also be highlighted in red when there are outstanding actions that need your attention.
All the actions that require your attention will be listed in the data grid.

Complete user actions

To mark an action as complete:

  • Click the Edit icon alongside the relevant action
  • Add any comments you wish to provide
  • Click the check box titled “Action Complete”
  • Click Save to close the user action

If you have not yet completed the user action and simply want to add comments to the action, leave the check box titled “Action Complete” unchecked before you click Save.

Once you have completed all the actions, click on the Notify Operator button on the right to let the Operator know that you have addressed all actions. When you click the Notify Operator button, the query status will be updated to “In Progress” so that the operator can continue working on your query.

No action can be taken on the query until you complete the assigned tasks and send the query back.

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