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Using the webapp

Working with drop-down lists

Most of the drop-down lists present a long list of detail, depending on what the list is for. (For example, the list of employees in your organisation might be very long). Therefore, many of them allow you to type a term into the drop-down box in order to filter for the item you’re looking for.

To select an option from a drop-down list:

  • Click on the drop-down list
  • Click in the search bar and start typing
  • The options will be filtered to match the term as you enter it
  • When the option you want is visible, click on it to select

If the option is not listed:
Some drop-down lists are pre-defined and cannot be easily changed. If you need an option added to one of these, you need to contact one of the WebApp Administrators (contact details are in the HELP menu). For most others, you can obtain guidance as to what to do to get an option added (or even add the option yourself)

  • When the link is available, click on “The item I’m looking for is not on this list”
  • A window will open that will either present a form that you can use to add an option or it will give you instructions on what to do to have the option added.

Working with data tables

Much of the information you will use on the platform is presented in data tables to make it easier for you to work with. Let’s explore each of the highlighted items (anti-clockwise in the image above)

  • Add button. Highlighted here as the “Add Question” button. Click here to add records to the database. There may be more than one button along with each data table but they will all be labelled accordingly so you will know what each one does.
  • Sort arrows. Click these arrows or even the column header to sort that column in ascending or descending order.
  • Action buttons. Any actions that are available to you for the listed record. Click on one of these to perform the relevant action. Note that sometimes an action button may be greyed out and disabled depending on the nature of the data presented on the relevant line. The most common buttons used are:
  1. Edit – Click to open a window that you can use to edit the record
  2. Delete – Click and then confirm the action to delete a record
  • Search Box. Enter a term here to filter all records on the data table

Some data grids give you the option to see additional details relating to the record displayed without having to click the edit button to see these.

  • On these data grids you will see a green + button. Click it to display additional details.
  • Click the red – button to close the row again.
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