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Query Status: Unassigned

When you submit a query, it appears on the Triage Dashboard and is assigned a status of Unassigned. A Triage Operator will then review the query and assign it to an appropriate operator.

When your query is in this status:

  • You cannot make any changes or attach any additional documents until it is assigned to an Operator.
  • No work can be done on it by RMQS until it is assigned.
  • You may withdraw the query, but you will no longer be able to delete it.
  • You can also recall a query that is still unassigned if you need to make changes or add additional information.

Confidential Queries

When the Triage Operator reviews your query, they may determine that the query relates to sensitive or confidential information. In this case, your query will be marked as confidential and access to it will be restricted.

You will easily be able to identity confidential queries later as they are marked with a privacy icon in any of the data grids (as in the image to the right).

The query details screen will also clearly indicate the confidential nature of the query.

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