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Submit a Query

Click Submit a Query in the main menu

Submitting a query is a two-step process and the webapp configures itself based on the options you select in order to ensure that you provide only the information that is needed by Risk Management to help resolve your query.

If you have previously submitted a query with details that are largely the same as the new query you wish to submit, you can also duplicate the previous query to quickly create and submit a new one.

Step 1 - Select the query category and topic

When you click the Submit a Query link in the main menu, a query profile dialogue box will open

  • Next, select the query topic(s) form the various drop down-lists.
  • If you are submitting the query on behalf of somebody else, select their name from the list provided. Note that when you do this, you will not receive any further communication relating to the query (although you will still see it listed in your query lists as one that you submitted on behalf of somebody else, so you can monitor progress and resolution).
  • When you have added details to all three fields, click Begin

Step 2 - Add the query details and submit

The query details screen will be formatted based on the options you selected in the previous step. This guide won't take you through the details of every field that is required but let's take a quick look at the cards displayed on this screen.

  • The previous details and query profile cards. Enter details of any previous interaction you've had with Risk Management in the previous details card. The query profile card doesn't require any input from you but displays some basic profile information for you and your query.


  • Keep in mind that the session variables will timeout after 5 minutes of inactivity. Therefore, we recommend that you save your query often (Click the “Save” button highlighted below) or simply don't leave the query details form unattended for 5 minutes or more or else you may need to start again.
  • If you need help with selecting the appropriate topic or sub-topic, click the blue help icons (highlighted in the image below under the “Save” button.
  • The query details card. Set out the details of your query here.

Consider each of the highlight boxes in the above image

  1. Query Topic. This is the primary topic (or topics) to which your query relates. You can select more than one option and, as you do, you will notice that the input fields below this section may change. To change the topic, click the Change Topic button, then add or remove topics in the dialogue box that opens.
  2. Query Sub-Topic. This is the sub-topic (or sub-topics) relevant to your query. The sub-topics available for selection depend on the topic (or topics) you have chosen. Where your topic has sub-topics listed, you can select more than one option and, as you do, you will notice that the input fields below this section may change. To change the sub-topic add or remove options directly in the input field. (The page may reload depending on the options selected, in order to reformat the page).
  3. Depending the topic and sub-topic selected, you may be presented with additional fields to complete. These will appear just above the Query Details box.
  4. Query Details box. Enter the details of your query here.
  • When you have added details into all the mandatory fields, click the “Submit Query” button to submit your query.

What happens next?

When you submit your query, a few emails and notifications will be sent by the system:

  • A message is sent to the relevant Risk Management Mailbox to tell the operators that a query has been submitted
  • You will receive an email confirming the submission of your query

You can turn off this notification in the user preferences screen if you don't want to receive the confirmation every time you submit a query.

Your query will then be managed through various stages:

  • It will be assigned to an Operator.
  • The Operator may require more information from you and so might assign additional user actions for you to complete.
  • Your query will be resolved, the resolution having being reviewed and closed.

Refer to the various sections linked above for more details.

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