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Re-assign a query

Queries do not have to be forwarded for review before they can be closed. However, should you want somebody else in Risk Management to review the resolution that you have prepared, you can forward the query for their review.
Navigate to the Main Dashboard under the Risk Management Menu or Operator/Reviewer menus:

  • Locate the desired query and click the “View Details” icon
  • Scroll to the bottom of the query details screen

  • Click the “Forward to Reviewer” button
  • Select a name from the list. Note that the drop-down list in the dialogue box will only show the names of Risk Management team members who have been assigned Reviewer access.
  • Click “Assign”

The selected person will receive an email and task notifying them that the query has been assigned to them. Also, the query's status will be set to Waiting for reviewer input. Note that nobody but the reviewer can perform any actions on the query when it has this status.

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