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Confirm completion of requestor actions

When the requestor has completed all assigned actions, they will send the query back to the Operator and appropriate emails and alerts will be sent.

Check for additional user actions

You can see all Requestor Actions related to the query by navigating to the Additional Requestor Actions tab on the query sub-menu. You can also quickly see whether there are open actions on the query because that menu item will be highlighted in red if that is the case.

Confirm that the action is complete

On the Additional Requestor Actions screen:

  • Click the “Edit” icon alongside the relevant action
  • If you are happy that the action has been sufficiently resolved, change the status to “Completed”
  • Click “Save”

Once all the required actions have been marked as “Completed” the Additional Actions menu item will be reset and will no longer be highlighted.

You can, of course, also create new actions at this point if you feel that the requestor has not provided sufficient details.

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