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Send back to requestor

When working on the query, you may require additional information from the requestor. In this case, you can raise a request for those actions using the webapp. By using the webapp to do this, you are assured that notifications, emails and alerts are sent to the relevant role players and you have a history in the Audit Log of any action taken in this regard.

Check for additional requestor actions

You can see all Requestor Actions related to the query by navigating to the Additional Requestor Actions tab on the query sub-menu. You can also quickly see whether there are open actions on the query because that menu item will be highlighted in red if that is the case.

Create and send an action

On the Additional Actions screen:

  • Click “Add Action”
  • Enter the details of the action you need the requestor to perform
  • Click “Add”
  • Repeat the process for all actions that you need performed

Once all the required actions have been added, click the 'Submit to Requestor for Action' button so that the query can be sent back to the requestor. The requestor will only receive an email and a task notifying them of the requested action(s) once you click that button.

At this point, the query status will be changed to “Waiting for user input” and you won't be able to work on the query again until they complete the actions and send the query back to you.

Delete Actions

Only an Operator or Reviewer has the access to delete user actions.
On the Additional Requestor Actions screen, click the trash can icon alongside the user action you wish to delete.

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