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Requestor Dashboard

Queries that you created

Select Requestor Dashboard under the Requestor/Delegate dashboard

This dashboard presents a summary of all the queries you have created.
The report below the dashboard shows a detailed list of all the queries that you have submitted to Risk Management.

  • To view a more specific report, click any of the boxes presented.
  • To access any of your queries, click the “View Details” button on the relevant row.

Note the following pertaining to the detailed report:

  • If somebody else submitted the query on your behalf, the query number will be highlighted in orange.
  • If your query is still in DRAFT status (You have not yet clicked to submit it) the status column will be highlighted. Similarly, you can see which queries have become overdue (based on Risk Management's expected resolution times)
  • If your query is still in draft status, you can delete it by clicking the “Delete Icon”; this will permanently delete the query from the webapp. If you have already submitted it, you can only withdraw it and you will be able to access it later by viewing all “Withdrawn” queries from your dashboard.
  • You can duplicate a query by clicking the “Duplicate Query” button. This will create (but not submit) a new query using the same details as the previous query so you don't have to recapture all the information that is common between the two.
  • If you have already submitted your query to Risk Management and it has not yet been assigned to an Operator, you can recall it if you want to add additional details.

Queries that you submitted on behalf of somebody else

RMQS allows you to submit queries on behalf of somebody else. When you do this, the query will be owned and managed by that person but you will still be able to access it to track progress.

To view these queries:

  • Navigate to the Requestor Dashboard
  • Click the button in the detailed report labelled “Queries I submitted on behalf of somebody else”

You won't receive any communications relating to these queries nor will you be able to perform any actions on them, but you can track them to resolution by clicking the 'View Details“ icon

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