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Set your preferences

There are various settings you can configure to define how you prefer to interact with the webapp.
To set these preferences, click on My Preferences under the Help menu.

Notifications and Alerts

The webapp is configured to send you notifications and alerts at various stages in the query resolution process. The box on the top left enables you let the webapp know when it should (or should not) send these messages. Simply tick (or untick) the relevant items.

If you have been set up as a key role player in a risk area/country or you have had responsibilities delegated to you within the webapp, you can also set preferences for communications related to your risk area/country.


If you have been set up as a key role player in a risk area/country, you can delegate responsibility for managing and reviewing queries that have been resolved within your risk area/country to other personnel within your team. To do this, scroll to the bottom of the Preferences page and click to add, edit or remove access rights for these delegates.

This delegation will only give the delegate access to list and view queries that have been resolved in your risk area/country and that have not been marked as Confidential, but they will not see any queries that have not yet been resolved by Risk Management. This delegate will also be able to override data destruction rules.

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