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Query Status: In Progress

When your query is assigned to an Operator you will receive a notification from the webapp and the status of your query will be updated to In Progress.

Once your query is placed in progress, a query sub-menu will be displayed when you access it.
Each tab provides additional functionality that will be needed as RMQS works on your query:

  • Query Details - Click here to access the main query details form containing all the information you originally submitted
  • Documents - Click here to upload additional documents or to access documents that may have been added by the Operator for your attention.
  • Additional Requestor Actions - Click here to view and address any additional actions that the Operator has assigned to you.
  • Activity Log - Click here for a detailed list of all actions taken on your query

When your query is in progress:

  • You can attach documents or download any that may have been attached by the Operator.
  • You may be assigned additional actions.
  • You won't be able to make any changes to the query but you may withdraw the query, if needed.

You will receive emails and notifications from the webapp as actions are taken on the query by the operator.

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