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Getting Started

Launch the webapp

When you access RMQS, you will be automatically logged in using your KPMG Network credentials and taken straight to the webapp landing page. The webapp will attempt to determine your home country from the Active Directory details passed to it and will set the webapp up accordingly.

Your member firm has been allocated to a risk area (or may be a risk area on its own). If, when you access the system you are presented with the below error message, it means that your home country has not yet been added. In this case, please contact one of the webapp administrators (Contact details are under the HELP menu) and they will check the configuration to ensure your member firm is correctly mapped.

When you start the webapp, you will notice that it first sets up environment variables. These variables are used to identify your office and a number of configurable items used by the webapp. If you leave your browser unattended for more than 5 minutes, these variables will reset and some of the features (such as drop down lists) will seem to not work anymore. If this happens, simply click the HOME button to reset the session variables.

Explore the menus

The webapp provides you with quick access to the features and information you will need on a daily basis. These are presented in the webapp's main menu (from left to right):

  • Home Menu (GQ&RMIS Home) - click here to access the landing page (or to reset the environment if the webapp has timed out)
  • Submit a Query - click here to quickly submit a query
  • Requestor/Delegate - all the queries you have created are accessible from the Requestor Dashboard under this menu. Also, if you have been given delegate access to a query, you will find a link to those queries here.
  • Area/Country - if you are a key role player in your risk area/country (i.e. You are an ARL, EIP or RMP) click here to access the dashboard and reports relevant to your risk area/country. This menu item is not displayed to users who are not key role players.
  • Operator/Specialist - if you have been assigned a query as an Operator or you have been invited to participate on a query as a specialist, you will find links to the relevant queries under this menu.
  • Help - quick links to access helpful resources
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