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Configure the webapp

This feature is only available to DPP Personnel who have been assigned “Administrator” access.

Set the main configuration

  • Navigate to “Main Dashboard” under the Configuration menu.
  • Set master configuration settings in the top two cards on this page.


  • The email addresses entered here are used for notifications when queries are submitted by users and before they are assigned to an Operator
  • It is important that values for all the input boxes on both of the top cards are completed. Leaving any of these boxes empty may lead to unwanted outcomes.

Add/Edit user guidance

There are guidance pops throughout the webapp. These are identified with blue “help” icons.
To modify the details that are displayed to users when they click on these icons:

  • Navigate to “Main Dashboard” under the Configuration menu.
  • Scroll to the middle of the screen and locate the relevant help content you wish to work with
  • Add/edit the details as necessary
  • Click any one of the “Save” buttons

Add/Edit/Delete drop-down options

Administrators have the ability to add options to many of the drop-down lists available across the webapp.
Click “Custom List Options” under the Administration menu

  • To add a new option, click the “Add Option” button and complete the details presented in the modal.
  • To edit an option, click the edit item alongside the relevant option and complete the details in the modal.
  • To delete an option, click the trash can icon alongside the relevant option and confirm the action.

Note that you cannot edit or delete an option that has been locked. In this case, the option will be marked with a black “lock” icon.

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