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Query Status: Closed

For most queries, Risk Management requires that you acknowledge the resolution and record confirmation of the actions that will be taken to address the matter. If this acknowledgement is needed, the confirmation email you receive will ask you to log in to RMQS and submit the acknowledgement.
To do this:

  • Access the query (either from the link in the confirmation email or from the Requestor Dashboard)
  • Navigate the Resolution tab in the query menu
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and submit the acknowledgement
  • There may be additional fields that you need to fill out (example, Independence Clearance queries require dates to be entered)
  • You can also attach any additional documents at this point, if needed

The Operator will be informed that you have completed the action so you do not have to submit anything else through any other channel.

Note: Delegates on the query cannot submit the acknowledgement. This can only be done by the query owner.

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