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Risk Manager

Adding a Risk Action

If you would like to add a risk action to a specific risk, click the “view risk” icon (blue binoculars) next to that risk. This will display the Risk Details screen.

Scroll down to Risk actions planned to improve controls that mitigate this risk and click on “Add Risk Action” To complete the modal:

  • Indicate which risks the action is designed to improve
  • Type in the action plan tasks
  • Select an action owner and implementation date
  • Type in any additional comments
  • Indicate whether the action has been validated by risk management
  • Click on “Add”

Edit a risk action

To change any details of a risk action:

  • Click the “edit” icon alongside the relevant item and complete the modal
  • Click on “Save Changes” to update the details

Delete a risk action

If you need to delete a risk action that has been added:

  • Click the “delete” icon next to the relevant item and confirm the action

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