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Risk Manager

Delete a Risk

In order to delete a risk, you need to navigate to the appropriate report to find it. There are various ways to obtain a list of all risks. Depending on your access rights you can access them as follows:

  • My Risks - Select “My Risks” from the “My Items” item in the main menu
  • Function Reports - If you are risk cluster/function manager, you can select “Risks” from the “Function Reports” item in the main menu
  • Reports - If you are a webbapp administrator who works in the risk management team, you can select either “All Risks” or “Strategic Risks” from the “Reports” item in the main menu

Delete the risk

Once you have found the risk you wish to edit:

  1. Click the “Delete” icon () alongside the risk in the relevant data grid.
  2. Confirm the action in the dialogue box that opens

Note: You can only delete a risk if there are no controls or risk actions associated with it.
If there are such associations, the delete icon will be grayed out and disabled.

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