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Risk Manager

Premium Webapp

Risk Manager is designed to help organisations identify, manage and collaborate on risks using a highly digitised and fresh approach to Risk Management. The webapp enables all users in the organisation to:

Record and validate risks
Every user can quickly capture details for risks in their respective areas using one, simple to use form and integrated guidance as defined by the Risk Management Team. The risk management team can review all risks and validate those that need to be managed as part of your organisation's Enterprise Risk Management process.

Add Controls
Users can capture details of the various controls designed to mitigate each risk. Controls are captured and classified using your organisation's criteria.

Add and monitor risk actions
Where additional actions are needed to improve controls and reduce residual risk, these can be added and assigned to employees in your organisation. The integrated messaging system ensures that all role players are kept informed when actions are created, updated and closed.

Please Note: Your Risk Management Team has the ability to switch off the ability for users to capture new risks. In this case, if you wish to report a risk or raise awareness about a control, you should contact your Risk Management team directly.

User Guidance

The topics in this section help users in the use of the Risk Manager webapp on readyplatform:


Reports covering risks, controls and control actions are accessible through Reporting Dashboard (available to Administrators) that provides a concise summary of key information.

Guidance for Risk Managers

Although anybody can record a risk, control or control action, Risk Managers can decide which items form part of the Enterprise Risk Register by reviewing and validating everything that has been captured.

Guidance for Administrators

The webapp can be configured to suit your organisation's requirements. Administrators have access to perform the following functions:

Change Log

14 June 2019 - v1.0.0

  • Changes to the executive dashboard to implement four-tone colouring and placement of indicators
  • Improvements to the FAQ modals
  • Implemented “manual” numbering of risks
  • Date formats on detailed reports

16 August 2019 - v1.0.1

  • Integrated Hangfire for better user experience when emailing and processing large data sets

17 April 2020 - v2.0.0

Released new version of the webapp including enhancements to:

  • Interface
  • Document management
  • Security
  • Reporting
  • Client Management
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