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Finding Manager

Premium Webapp

Finding Manager is designed to help organisations record and manage findings raised during audits and reviews using a highly digitised and fresh approach to Audit Management.

Depending on the roles that have been assigned to you in your organisation, you may be able to add and work with findings (only available to administrators) but everybody who is assigned ownership of a finding or remedial action will have access to work on those specific findings.

Guidance for all users

The topics in this section guide users in working with Finding Manager on readyplatform

Finding Owner

Guidance for Department Managers

If you have been set up as a Department Manager on Finding Manager, there will be some specific tasks you need to perform. The guidance in these topics will help.

Guidance for Auditors

If you have been assigned access as an auditor, you will be able to add and work with findings. These topics will help.

Guidance for Administrators

The webapp can be configured to suit your organisation's requirements. Administrators have access to perform the following functions:

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