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KPMG Learnership Incentive Tax Tool (LITT)

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Easily calculate and claim your tax rebate for learnerships

The Learnership Tax incentive introduced by the South African Revenue Service (“SARS”) provides an additional tax deduction for registered learnerships. The objectives of this tax incentive are to encourage the creation of jobs by reducing the cost of hiring new employees, offering learnerships and to encourage skills development in the workplace. The incentive is available to employers who have entered into registered learnership agreements on or after 1 October 2001 and before 1 April 2022.

The value of the additional deduction you can claim depends on whether the learnership agreement was entered into before or after 1 October 2016, and the NQF level that the learner holds on or after 1 October 2016. The additional tax deduction that you can claim is between R20 000 and R60 000 per learner and much more again when the learnership is successfully completed. Learnership Incentive Tax Tool is a web-based solution that empowers you to take control of all the necessary pieces of data required for the additional tax deduction and provides an automated and efficient processing facility to generate the IT180 tax return form required for tax return purposes.

The Learnership Incentive Tax Tool enables administrators to quickly capture details for the learnerships being conducted in their organisations – ensuring that all the supporting information required by SARS is included. The learnership information is then work flowed through various stages of review and approval before being included in the final assessment calculation.

The final calculation not only provides the quantum of the rebate that an organisation can claim from SARS but also produces necessary documentation that must be submitted. These artefacts include:

  • Individual IT180 forms for each learner
  • Consolidated ZIP archive of all IT180s for all learners
  • IT14 Disclosure Summary for inclusion in the annual tax return
  • Spreadsheet providing the summary information

In addition to providing the statutory outputs, organisations can also use the forecasting engine to build scenarios to more effectively drive their learnership programmes for maximum benefit.

User Guidance

The topics in this section help users in the use of the LITT webapp on readyplatform.
Note that you have to be added as an approved user of the webapp by an administrator before you will be able to access and use LITT.

Guidance for KPMG Administrators

Before clients can start to work with LITT, they must be activated on the platform and then a subscription must be started for them in LITT. In order for them to run assessments, they must have at least one tax period created.

Change Log

6 March 2020 - v2.0.0

  • Added functionality to limit range of learnerships displayed in reports and counters
  • Updated the upload and export templates
  • Updates to labels in single learnership add/edit modals
  • Applied ITR14 deliverable to individual assessments (previously attached to whole tax periods)
  • Added ability for KPMG Administrators to scrub/reset client data
  • Added ability to ignore “null learnerships” from the assessment detail
  • Added legend box that pops up on all learnership grids when the user scrolls up or down

10 April 2020 - v2.0.1

  • Added functionality to approve all learnerships that are ready (up to subscription limit) in addition to the existing functionality to only approve selected items
  • Added option for user to prevent the legend box on data grids to pop-up in future
  • Applied case-sensitivity to multi-select filter boxes on the learnership data grids
  • Added new document controller
  • Enhanced audit logging against profile actions
  • General Security Updates

7 August 2020 - v2.0.2

  • Removed limitations on the number of learnerships that can be approved and oved the subscription limits to the “Select Learners” screen when the assessment is being created
  • Addition of a new “Exceptions Template” for download in Excel format
  • Updates to the ITR14 report
  • Enhancements to the learnerships import template including offline validations prior to upload
  • New exception handlers on the client import process
  • Minor bug fixes
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