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KPMG Global Quality & Risk Management Inquiry System (GQ&RMIS)

Private WebApp

KPMG Global Quality & Risk Management Inquiry System (“GQ&RMIS”) provides support primarily to Ethics and Independence Partners (“EIP”), Risk Management Partners (“RMP”) and Area Risk Leaders (“ARL”) as well as other KPMG personnel in the logging and resolution of quality, risk management and independence matters.

GQ&RMIS provides the interface for EIPs, ARLs, RMPs and other KPMG personnel to engage with GQ&RM and for the GQ&RM team to effectively workflow the inquiry to resolution through various stage-gates.

Inquiries can be logged in one of six categories:

  • Independence
  • Regulatory Support
  • Restricted Services
  • Risk Management
  • Waivers and Exemptions
  • Potential SEC/PCAOB Violations

There are also a number of topics and sub-topics that can further be used to classify the inquiry and to ensure that the appropriate operator, specialists and reviewers are involved in its resolution.

Guidance for all users

The topics in this section guide users in working with GQ&RMIS on readyplatform

Guidance for requestors (inquiry owners)

Anybody within the firm can submit an inquiry. Simply point your browser to the GQ&RMIS website and click “Submit an inquiry”. Once you create an inquiry, it will be accessible from your Requestor Dashboard and various reports throughout the webapp.

After you submit an inquiry, it will move through various stages in the resolution workflow and, at some points, you may be asked to provide more information. These topics provide more details on each of these stages in the resolution process:

Additional functionality:

Guidance for Key Role Players

If you are a key role players in your risk area/country (i.e. EIPs, ARLs, RMPs) you can view inquiries that have been submitted and resolved in your risk area/country.

Guidance for Inquiry Delegates

If you have been invited by a requestor to be a delegate on an inquiry, you will receive an email from the webapp inviting you to work on the inquiry.

Guidance for Specialists

If you have been invited by an operator to provide support in the resolution of an inquiry as a topic specialist, then you will receive an email from the webapp inviting you to work on the inquiry.

Guidance for Triage Operators

Triage Operators are tea members within GQ&RM who are able to receive and view inquiries submitted by the wider user community. A Triage Operator will initially access and review the details of the inquiry and will then:

Operator and Reviewer Guidance

GQ&RM Operators and Reviewers can access inquiries through the various dashboards and reports and can then workflow each inquiry to resolution, through the following process steps:

If you have been asked to work on a confidential inquiry as an Operator even though you are not part of the GQ&RM team, you will have access to perform all the above functions as well.

Administrator Guidance

Webapp Administrators are able to configure the webapp to fit their requirements using the configuration panel. Administrators can also:

Technical Support

Guidance for webapp administrators and ITS in supporting the GQ&RM solution

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