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Getting around the platform

The platform comprises four mains sections

The main menu bar is displayed on all sections of the platform and contains important links that help you get around quickly.

The main menu bar hosts these common links:

  • Home - Click the “Home” link to get to back to the main landing page page
  • Service Desk - If you ever need help with any part of the platform, just click this link. You will be able to access a lot of useful information, including the contact details of your organisation administrator.
  • Notifications - When important information needs your attention, you will see notifications by clicking on this icon. When you have unread notifications, you will see a counter appear on this icon
  • Cart - If your organisation allows its employees to make purchases online, you will see a counter on this icon for any items you may have added to your cart. Click here to access the cart and complete your transactions.
  • Tasks - If there are any tasks you need to perform on the platform or one of the webapps, you will see all your tasks by clicking on this icon. When you have open tasks, you will see a counter appear on this icon.
  • Your profile - If you click this menu item you will be able to access your personal profile where you can change your details, add your own photo and lots more. You will also be able to view details for your employer organisation. You can also use this menu to change your password or quickly log out of the platform.

Apps Menu

The apps menu to the left of the screen provides quick links to the bundled webapps available on your organisation's version of the platform. The links that are available to you are dependent on what your employer has chosen to display, but these links will generally include:

  • Questionnaires - This links you to a webapp that allows your organisation to build and gather information from its employees. You can use it to build a variety of questionnaires that can be used for assessments, internal audits or control self-assessments. The premium section also gives you access to questionnaires built and published by other organisations so that you don't have to build everything from scratch.
  • Surveys - Quickly build and publish your own surveys. You can conduct surveys internally within your own organisation or with thousands of other people outside your organisation.
  • Polls - Build polls to get views and opinions from people within your organisation. Your poll is published right on the landing page.
  • Tasks - This is another way to get to all your outstanding tasks. (See description above)
  • Notifications - Another way to get to your notifications. (See description above)
  • Cart - Another way to get to your cart. (See description above)
  • Calendar - Your organisation's calendar of important events.
  • Legal - Some of the legal stuff, including the Platform Terms of Use, our Privacy Statement and a form that you can use to report Abuse.
  • Service Desk - Another way to get help quickly.

Webapp Menu Bar

When you are working within a webapp, a black webapp menu will be displayed directly under the main menu bar. This menu will provide links to the various sections of the webapp.

The Main Canvas

The main body of the platform and its related webapps. This is where the content is displayed.

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