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KPMG’s Department of Professional Practice (“DPP”) provides support to engagement teams on accounting, financial reporting, auditing, assurance and other local laws, regulations and professional standards. During the audit, engagement teams may seek the views of others on issues as they arise. These discussions are encouraged and, in this regard, DPP is able to assist. These discussions can be either informal queries (where audit teams require DPP assistance on an ad-hoc basis) or consultations.

Queries can be logged in one of two categories:

  • Accounting
  • Audit & Assurance

There are also a number of sub-categories (or topics) that can be utilised under each of these categories, including:

  • Pre-Issuance Reviews
  • Mandatory Consultations
  • Non-Mandatory Consultations
  • Financial Statement Reviews
  • External Client Opinions
  • Informal Queries

User Guidance

The topics in this section guide users in working with DPP in Contact on readyplatform

After you submit a query, it will move through various stages in the resolution workflow. At some points, you may be asked to provide more information or might be engaged in a discussion with the DPP Operator. These topics provide more details on each of these stages in the resolution process:

Additional functionality:

Operator and Reviewer Guidance

DPP Operators and Reviewers can access queries through the various dashboards and reports and can then workflow each query to resolution, through the following process steps:

Administrator Guidance

Webapp Administrators are able to configure the webapp to fit their requirements using the configuration panel. Administrators can also:

Change Log

Change Log - Log of changes to the DPP in Contact webapp

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