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If your organisation has an agreement in place that enables you to invite client organisations to your digital platform, you'll be able to add them directly from the landing page.

  • To get started, simply click the “Register a client organisation” button.

If you don't see this button on the landing page, then your organisation cannot add or invite clients. In this case, we'd like to invite you to have a discussion with us to understand how you can get your organisation to use the full capabilities of the platform to service your clients. Please pop us a mail at and we'll get you up and running right away!

Add the client organisation

If your organisation is subscribed to one of the lower tier packages, there will be a limit on the number of client organisations that can be added. If all seats have been allocated, please contact us to talk about upgrading your subscription.

  • Click “Add Client

Complete all the fields on the form, taking note of the following

  1. Organisation Name is the full, legal name of the client organisation. This name will be used on any invoices that may be created for the client.
  2. Organisation Short Name is the name that is used in many places on the platform. For example, it is the name displayed in the top-right corner of every page.
  3. Client administrator details are details of an employee of the client who has been appointed to administer the client's presence on the platform. This person will be set up as the first user and will be assigned administrator rights so will be able to administer all aspects related to the client's presence on the platform.
  4. Address details are primarily used on the employer profile page but will also appear on any invoices.
  • When you have completed all fields, click “Create Client
  • This action adds the client organisation and creates a user account for their administrator - but the organisation is not active yet so you will need to ask your Organisation's Administrator to activate the client.

Activate the client organisation

The ability to activate clients has been limited to personnel who have been set up as administrators in your organisation. This is to ensure that appropriate client acceptance and contracting takes place before your clients are able to access the platform.

If you are an administrator in your organisation, you can proceed with activating the client.

  • On the client listing data grid, click the “edit” icon to open the client's profile
  • Click “Administer” in the top menu
  • Review and configure the functionality settings

  1. This organisation's staff are allowed to self-register - THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT because if no email domains have been added, then the client won't be able to add additional staff members later. Click this tick box so that you can add the client's permissible email domain details. If the client doesn't want their staff to register themselves, you can untick the box after you have entered the necessary email domains.
  2. This organisation has a premium subscription to StaffBook - Click this check box if the client has paid for a subscription to StaffBook.
  3. This organisation's staff can make purchases - Click this check box if the contract you have entered into with your client enables them to make purchases directly on the platform.
  4. Allow staff to make purchases using project codes - Click this check box if the contract you have entered into with your client enables them to make purchases directly on the platform and you have an arrangement in place that enables staff to use project codes or vouchers to make purchases.
  • Set the subscription expiry date
  • Set the status to Active
  • Click Update to complete the activation

You will likely need to enable somebody in your organisation to access the client organisation so that they can complete the detailed configuration settings and continue to assist the client on an ongoing basis. So, before you complete the process, add a person in your organisation as a contractor to the client organisation

Add a person in your organisation as a contractor to the client organisation

Whilst working with the client's profile

  • Select Contractors from the Staff menu

  • Click Add Contractor

  • Add the employee's email address and click Next
  • After validations are confirmed, the employee details input modal will be displayed

  • Complete all the details in the form
  • Be sure to add Contractor (or similar) in the job title field
  • Click Save Changes

In order to enable this person to administer the client's profile, add them to the list of administrators:

  • Select Administrators from the Staff menu
  • Click Add Administrator
  • Select the employee/contractor from the drop-down list and click Add

You're done!

The client organisation has been set up and all invitation emails have been sent, so people in the client organisation can now start to log in and work on the platform. Consider whether you (or the 'contractor') you just created want to help the client with:

  • Completing their profile (add a logo, add tax and VAT information - especially if they're going to transact on the platform)
  • Add Office Locations, Departments, Staff Levels, etc from the Organisation menu
  • Adjust settings in the Configuration menu, as desired
  • Add a copy of the client contract in the Configuration panel
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