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Staff Book gives you access to the contact details of all employees in your organisation who are registered on your platform. There are several ways in which you can search for fellow employees. Simply use one of the forms provided and click to access the search results.

StaffBook is available in two versions:

  • Base (Free) allows you to search for people based on basic profile information such as name, surname, contact number, office, department and location.
  • Pro (subscription-based) allows you to search for people using a more detail set of criteria such as skills, qualifications, certifications and experience.

Where does the information come from?

All the information presented in StaffBook is drawn from individual user profiles that are maintained by each person in your organisation.

To manage your details, you need to navigate to your profile and use the various menu options available to capture and update your information.

When you access your profile page, you can access the various input screens by clicking the relevant menu item in the main menu bar.


This is where you can manage your personal profile details including contact number, office, department and more.

To edit anything on this page:

  • Click the “Edit” Button () on any of the cards on the page
  • Change the details as required in the modal that opens
  • Click to “Save” your changes
  • You will be asked to reload the page

If you want to edit your profile image:

  • Click the “Edit” Button () on the profile picture card
  • You will be taken to a page where you can upload an image in three different formats
  • Click the “Edit” Button () on the relevant card
  • Attach your image (make sure that your image meets the requirements indicated)
  • Click to “Upload” your changes
  • You will be asked to reload the page

Qualifications, certifications, skills and experience

If your organisation has enabled the feature that allows you to capture this information, you will see the relevant menu options. If the options are not displayed, then your Organisation Administrator has decided not to have employees capture this information at this stage.

Browse to either of the above menu items to add/edit information.

Use the guidance provided in working with data tables for help on how to add/edit/delete items from the various data grids.

Note that you can also upload copies of your qualifications and certifications in the personal documents box on the Qualifications screen. This is a useful feature if you need to get hold of these documents on a regular basis.

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