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My Profile

Use My Profile to set and manage your personal details that are used across the platform.
Access your profile by clicking on your name in the main menu

If you want to change any of the details on this screen, click one of the edit () icons.

The Profile Screen

This screen presents your personal details across a number of cards:

Personal Details
This panel displays:

  • Your name and surname
  • Your bio - use this space to write a short paragraph describing yourself in a professional context

Contact Details
This panel displays:

  • Your primary contact number
  • Your email address

Employment Details
This panel displays all of your work-related details including department, office, line manager and assistant.
Profile Picture
If you click the edit button on this panel, you will be able to upload three versions of your profile picture (small, medium and large).

Your timezone is managed by your employer organisation. The details are only displayed here so that you know what zone all times are displayed in when you work with the platform.

This data table shows all profiles attached to your username so if you are able to log in to multiple organisations, you will see all those profiles listed here.

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