Data Protection

readyplatform uses a secure protocol (HTTPS) for keeping all data encrypted when shared between your platform and a user’s browser. No data can be shared with third-party entities without your explicit consent. When at rest (in a database), your data is encrypted too, providing an additional strong layer of protection.

Security Practices

readyplatform is built on a safety-first basis to follow best practices and comply with the latest security guidelines. These include OWASP’s recommendations against cross-site scripting (XSS), cross-site request forgery (CSRF) and SQL injection. Independent third-party penetration tests are regularly performed on all our products and infrastructure to identify and confront any current vulnerabilities.

Data Redundancy

Your data requires the highest degree of protection with no room for compromise. Our fully-managed cloud deployment offers multiple levels of data redundancy both at infrastructure and application level.

Solid Infrastructure

Our virtual cloud services use world-class infrastructure providers like Microsoft for your system’s efficiency, safety and round-the-clock accessibility. Our providers are just as reliable and are highly qualified and equipped with the latest security-related certificates to offer first-class services.

Secure Access

Password and user account management is enforced to strict security standards. These include password expiration, minimum length, account lockout, session expiry and custom rules,

Where users are permitted to register their own accounts, they may only do so on approved client domains.

Access control

Supervise your platform’s user access and overall activity down to the last detail with the configurable organizational structures.

Access to all parts of readyplatform is role-based access and easily manageable by client administrators from the secure client control panel.

Audit Logs

All system activity is recorded and stored by the audit engine. Use audit logs to identify security risks and promote user accountability.


Data retention and destruction

Client data is hosted, archived and destroyed in accordance with data retention policies and privacy regulations. Clients have access to their own data and can request to export this at any time for storage on their own infrastructure.