Declarations presents a fresh approach to digitally driving the declarations process, involving all affected stakeholders at the appropriate time and reducing the administrative burden of identifying and managing potential conflicts. The webapp helps organisations to track and report on perceived and actual Conflicts of Interest by evaluating employee general declarations covering a variety of configurable areas, including:

  • Gifts given and received
  • Hospitality events
  • Personal Investments in listed equities or brokerage accounts
  • Ownership Interests
  • Non-Commercial Interests
  • Relationships with related parties
  • Additional work interests
  • Directorships
  • Trusts

Internal Financial Controls Toolkit

Enabling CEO and the financial director sign off on internal financial controls. With an emphasis on identifying the most important internal financial controls…

The IFC Toolkit is a highly customisable webapp that enables you to select processes, sub-processes and controls from our best practice library and set up individual assessment sessions for key entities across your group. With the toolkit you can:

  • Rapadily configure and deploy assessments
  • Indicate key controls or even add your own custom controls
  • Rapidly assess using an intuitive and structured interface
  • Upload documents to support the assessment or evidence the controls
  • Integrate with your combined assurance approach by enabling different audiences to submit content and assessments
  • Repidly draw down live reports and charts for presentation to the audit commitee