Questionnaires is an excellent tool that can be used to digitise all the questionnaires that an organisation usually uses in paper-, Word- or Excel-format and publish these in one central, globally accessible location. Once a questionnaire is built, it is permanently available to the organisation to use as many times as they wish – with the results always remaining available for future analysis – for as long as the client organisation remains active on your Sponsor Portal.

To answer a questionnaire, a Session Sponsor creates a session and invites other users to submit their answers. The session will remain active for as long as the session sponsor allows – after which it will be closed and the results made available through the online analysis portal. The Session Sponsor can also download all result to an offline spreadsheet solution such as Microsoft® Excel® or Open Office.

One of the features in Questionnaires is a library of premium content which is accessible to every client organisation. The library contains a number of pre-built questionnaires covering a range of topics that can be purchased and used by client organisations “out of the box”.

When a client purchases one of the premium questionnaires, they can use it as many times and with as many respondents inside their organisations as they wish for a period of twelve months. This enables them to measure improvement in controls, maturity levels or whatever the focus is of the questionnaire that is being used by creating additional sessions and inviting staff to participate.

How you earn revenue

If the questionnaire that has been purchased is one that you created and published to the premium store, you will receive 40% of the price paid for the questionnaire .... regardless of who the client is!

Partner Reseller

Add your clients and earn when they make purchases

When you add a client to your platform, you'll probably be doing it for a specific purpose (be it to use a webapp as part of an ongoing project or simply to access one webapp. However, when your client accesses the landing page (or App Store), they may click around and decide to subscribe to one of the other webapps available.

Alternately, you may decide to add clients to your platform with the interion of reselling the webapps on the platform to them.

Either way, this can be a great source of revenue for you as a Platform Sponsor.

How you earn revenue

You will earn commissions on every purchase made on the platform by any of your clients.

Read the WebApp Overview for more details. PDF File, 284Kb

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Your own webapps

If you have a great idea for a new webapp or have a specific need that can be met by a webapp that you feel others may find useful, you can build your own webapps or get us to build them for you.

The resulting webapp will be published to readyplatform as a premium webapp available for purchase. Alternately, you might want to publish it as a free (or bundled) webapp and offer in-app purchases.

Either way, you're going to earn revenue when a client organisation makes a purchase.

How you earn revenue

When a client organisation makes a purchase related to your webapp, you will receive up to 20% of the price paid .... the percentage will be determined using the commercial model for your webapp and will be agreed with you up-front.!