Our demo platform provides a fully working instance of readyplatform that you can use to check out the functionality that’s available. The demo company has access to all the bundled and premium webapps so you can play with them and assess whether they will meet your needs.

When you click below to access the platform you will be asked to log in. Use these credentials:

Username: noreply@readyplatform.co.za
Password: P@ssw0rd001

These credentials will allow you to access the Sponsor Portal as well as the Main Platform. Just select where you want to go in the dialogue box that pops up.

Please note the following:
  • Do not add sensitive or private information. Anybody can use these credentials to access the platform and so they will see anything that you upload.
  • Some functionality (for security reasons) is disabled. This includes the ability add staff and clients, toggle the platform status, etc. Where this is the case, you will be shown a dialogue box instead of the relevant button actually doing anything.
  • We regularly reset the configuration and data on the demo platform. We're not responsible if you lose data when this happens.

We hope that you enjoy the demo and that you will be in touch soon to get your own digital platform running

If you have any questions or issues when working with the demo, please contact us at support@readyplatform.co.za

Access the Demo Platform